Future Vision

Nurturing Youth, Developing Communities & Cultivating Skills in the Amathole Region of the Eastern Cape – South Africa.

Are you eager to contribute your energy, time and enthusiasm to a grass-roots non-profiteering volunteer project in South Africa? If so - read on!!!!!

Future Vision has created a financially transparent and affordable volunteer program for you.

Our vision is to connect people with local communities with a particular focus on working in schools, creches and in strengthening communities through teaching sports, arts, crafts, English, environmental education and food gardening.


Every year thousands of people travel the globe looking to explore new environment and experience different cultures, with a spirit of adventure and a desire to learn more about the world. As global travel becomes more accessible, and we look to visit further and more exotic locations, we often discover that the real world is not always easy to uncover, and often visitors don't get a chance to see beyond the window that tourism can offer. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to become a real part of the environments, lives and communities of the world's developing nations. Our volunteers tell us that working on this genuine, meaningful and sustainable project and their time spent living with and getting to know our area and its locals is the most exciting, fufilling and fun traveling they have experienced. For many, the experience gained improved their skills, their resumes and their world view. For some, it even leads to new directions, careers and passions that stay with them the rest of their lives. So we think the real question should be - why not volunteer?


There are many critics of 'voluntourism' and the irresponsible practises that do occur in some locations. Done badly, vounteering can be a waste of time, or even worse, cause more damage. Done well, it can provide valuable assistance that makes a real difference. Here at Elundini we believe we offer an ethical and sustainable volunteer experience where we always put the community first. We work very close with our volunteers and with the local community on the ground to make sure everyone can achieve the greatest benefits that volunteering has to offer.