Future Vision


  • English: All volunteers are required to be able to communicate in English. Xhosa is the locally spoken (Nguni) language of most residents in the Eastern Cape, however very simple English is used in schools and villages. Basic Xhosa introduction lessons will be given to volunteers in the beginning of their program.

  • Minimum age for volunteers is 18 years.

  • Placement length: You need to be able to commit to a volunteering placement for at least 2 weeks. Shorter placements can be negotiated.

  • Commencement dates: There are no specific placement dates for our volunteer programs. Volunteers are encouraged to start between January and October or as per specific project require.

  • Commitment: Volunteers should be strongly committed to community development, social and cultural upliftment, human rights, and planetary care. Without a positive and proactive attitude towards your placements and hosts, volunteers can become more of a hindrance than benefit, thus obstructing the long-term sustainability of the project.

  • Acceptance and flexibility: You need to be open-minded and tolerant towards cultural & religious differences, whilst respecting and embracing the local culture and way of life.

  • Costs: Volunteers will be required to cover all their travel, board, lodging, project and personal expenses.

  • Travel, health and third party liability insurance: You are required to be in possession of a full-cover travel insurance for the total length of your stay.

  • Placement requirements: Certain placements will require special skills such as experience working with children and in sports, arts & permaculture gardening etc.

  • Deadlines: Your application should be processed 6 weeks before your estimated arrival date. Once your placement is confirmed, Future Vision will require a 50 % deposit in securing your placement. The balance of payment is required to be settled in full, 7 days before your arrival.

Your placement in Future Vision’s programs can provide you with personal rewards that go way beyond the donation of your time and money. The general consensus of volunteers is that they received much more than they contributed and gained valuable experiences whilst doing uplifting work and making a difference in underprivileged communities:

  • New friends

  • Skills and knowledge of critical issues facing the world today

  • Foreign language skills, cultural exchanges and community interactions

  • Valuable learning experiences

  • Making a difference!!!!