Future Vision

What can Future Vision offer you?

We have a variety of different volunteer programs to offer, so you can choose one that's closest to your interests and capabilities. All projects are equally important in our community. 

Teach in the school

Because of the lack of jobs in the area, most people move to the cities in hope of a better life, leaving the schools with decreasing numbers. Government regulations in this area state that the teacher/student ratio be 1/35. Due to smaller numbers in individual grades, this requires teachers to instruct multiple grades at one time. This is a very difficult situation for both teachers and learners and is one of the main reasons volunteers are needed. With the assistance of local teachers, volunteers will instruct in English, Maths, Geography and life skills. 

Helping at the pre-school

There are 2 pre-schools in Lushington. Both of them are run by local 'mama's' who have no formal education in child care. Volunteers can be a big help in the pre-schools by giving practical examples of age appropriate games and lessons that later can be implemented by the care givers once the volunteers have left. The language in the pre-schools is primarily Xhosa, however English can be introduced to children at this young age to help set the foundation for further learning as they enter primary school

Computer lessons

A few years ago Jeanette Mahonga Primary school (Grade 1 - 7) were donated 20 second hand computers for student use of which only 8 work. To date, they have been hardly used as the teachers are understaffed and don't have proper computer skills to instruct students. Since computer literacy is so important in modern day life, volunteers can play a major role by teaching basic computer skills, which will benefit students later in life. 

After school care project

During school day, children are not exposed to arts and sports. After school, children typically play in the village without adult supervision. This is the ideal time to introduce children to sports, games and arts. Best known sports are soccer for boys and netball for girls, but volunteers are encouraged to introduce other sports like karate, dance, gymnastics, etc. These activities will be organized for primary school children and will teach them important life skills such as winning and loosing, working as a team, etc.

Community Food Security & Gardening Program

Give a man a plate and he will have a meal, teach a man to grow food and his family will be nourished forever.

One of the talents that have been lost in rural communities in South Africa is sustainable farming practices. This program has been established to help revitalize these inherent skills to create a framework of rural sustainability. Through teaching permaculture gardening and natural farming, we create a healthy community through nutrition and positive food security.

For this project we require volunteers to have experience in permaculture style food gardening and natural holistic farming.


Future Vision is still in it's infancy, therefor we have many ideas about starting other programs. One of the ideas is to start teaching furniture making to the locals. We have a semi-professional wood working machine and a trained carpenter to help us with this project. Secondly we would like to start a sewing cooperative with local ladies from the village. There are a few trained seamstresses in the village but they need resources for machines and other sewing materials. For these projects to take place, we need you help and input.