Future Vision

Payment structures

The following costs have been carefully calculated for future volunteers. Here at Future Vision we try to be as transparant as possible as to where your money goes to. Don't forget that 10% of all your fees are donated directly to our Non Profit Organisation 'Learn To Earn To own' (www.leocommunityproject.yolasite.com). Please note that the costs below are per week:

-R1500;   Cost for accommodation in dorms, 3 meals a day from Monday to Friday, whasing of clothes, water and electricity.

-R 300:    Cost for coordination, transport to project if needed and guidance

-R 180:    Donation to Non Profit Organisation.

TOTAL: R1980 per week.

Excluding: drinks, wifi (SA simcard will be provided), outings, shuttle to and from airport or busstop.

We expect full payment of program fees 2 weeks prior to arrival so we can prepare well in advance for you. Enquire about our cancellation policy!